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Does your company have negative online reviews? Let us show you how to build a loyal audience, monitor you social channel and reach out effectively to upset customers.

Toronto ORM: Online Reputation Management

Unfortunately negative reviews always travels faster than positive experiences. Online reputation management corrects past missteps while looking ahead. We build you a process that lets thrilled customers sing your praises while addressing the concerns of disgruntled ones.

Our Approach to Reputation Management

Reviews are often the first thing a potential customer looks for when researching your brand. We keep this in mind and focus on pushing links containing negative reviews down by creating positive, valuable content about your company to take its place. We will NOT create fake reviews on your behalf. Instead we work with you to incentivize your happy customers to share their stories. Creating more content for Google to find when someone searches for your business is the first step in taking control of your online reputation.

While we work on your content we also work with you to establish proper monitoring and a clear process for handling complaints. Once we can see negative sentiment in real time, we can corner the issue before it becomes a stain on your reputation. This approach allows us to address your past reputation issues while preventing issues from occurring in the future.

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Social Media Monitoring

Social media is often the first place disgruntled customers will head to after a bad experience. We monitor your brands mentions on social media and help your team address issues that can snowball into a PR disaster in an effective way. A quick response can turn a frustrating experience into a positive review.

Positive Press

Journalists love when you make their job easier. We align your brand’s story with articles in development for prominent publications. Wether it be Forbes, Yahoo, Seeking Alpha or Techcrunch, visibility on industry leading news outlets lets you fill up the front page of Google serps with positive mentions about your business.

Branded Rankings

We don’t just claim your social media profiles, we make sure that they have accurate content and strong inbound backlinks so they rank. Every search for your brand will lead to positive mentions and an outpouring of content that cleans up your results page. We improve your visibility through branded pictures video and articles.

The Five pillars of Reputation Management.

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