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A pretty website is useless if no one sees it. We help you drive relevant traffic to your online properties and keep them from being a ghost town. It's time to be seen.

Toronto Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency

Professional PPC management reduces your cost per conversion, drives new traffic and allows you to see instant results for your marketing dollars. A solid PPC campaign Goes beyond just Adwords. Let our team help you select traffic sources that make sense for your business.

Our Approach to PPC Marketing

We start by analyzing your current PPC campaign. This allows us to see your current winners and losers while providing the foundation for a conversation about your KPIs. Once we know what success looks like to you, we set realistic monthly traffic goals and begin building your new campaign. Your pay per click campaigns are constantly evolving as we analyze and improve your best-performing ads across all platforms.

We understand the importance of your current traffic sources and suggest complimentary sources that will help grow your audience while remaining on budget. We research, design and implement complete paid marketing funnels for a variety of platforms from Adwords to Different traffic sources require different configurations from the landing page design to the ad copy and pictures used. We understand this and position your brand for success.

We bring your paid marketing costs down while increasing your conversion rate across the board.

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PPC Research

The more we learn about your brand the easier it is for us to run a successful PPC campaign. We research the branded, generic, related and competitor keywords that will make an impact on your campaign. We find opportunities that your initial campaign missed and assess their viability.

PPC Strategy

We combine our Pay Per Click research with a competitive analysis of your competitor’s campaigns into a clear strategy that aligns with your KPIs. This includes realistic growth goals and an overview of the landing pages needed to best convert visitors. Strategy is the foundation of success.

Measurable Results

We have managed multiple 7 figure PPC budgets while delivering double and triple conversion percentage point increases. PPC is a scalable approach to marketing. X amount of dollars goes in leading to Y amount of traffic and Z amount of conversions. Everything can be measured and improved.

This is where you will dominate.

We've built hundreds of PPC campaigns spanning a wide array of industries.

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