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Products have life cycles. Brands outlive products. Brands convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience. Its time to create a cohesive brand that builds trust and makes you money.

Toronto Logo Design

A great logo is a key element in building a memorable brand.
Beaver Marketing will help you create a brilliant logo that looks exceptional on both web and print.

Our Approach to Logo Design

A great logo is an expression of the company values, culture and people. Think of it as an employee whose main job is to be distinctive and represent the company in the best possible way. What would he look like? How would he feel like? Is he a boss or the guy next door? Is he loud and cheerful or wise and calm? We have a descriptive conversation with you to help you narrow down the core idea of your company.
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Some of Our Work

We've designed hundreds of logos spanning a wide array of industries.

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