About Us

We are a group of seasoned marketing veterans who use our experience to solve your problems, scale your apps and grow your businesses. Our actions are transparent, honest and backed by data.

Every thing we do helps....



We focus on helping Toronto businesses reach the next step in their growth and compete on a global scale. Startups gain traction and small business become large ones under our guidance.


Our vision is to become the first and only stop for discerning brands looking for a competitive marketing edge. The internet is a big place and we want to help you profitably reach the far corners of it.

“Great marketing strategy is defined by the answers to five simple questions: What is wrong? Why does it matter? How can the issue be solved? How much will it cost? and How long will it take? Everything else is just noise. At Beaver Marketing we focus on the 20% of actions that yield 80% of results. We don’t deal in noise.

Nathan Prescott, Founder and CEO, Beaver Marketing

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