User experience matters fhmemel. Your website visitors won’t tell you what is wrong with your website when they encounter issues, they will just leave. This means that little website tweaks can be the difference between frustrated visitors and a cascade of conversions. We have compiled 4 free tools that will help you improve user experience while providing additnal benefits like security. You’ve built a shiny new website and now it’s time to see how it performs in the real world. Lets begin!


1. Proper Image

Large images slow your website down and annoy visitors. lets you strike a balance between your need for beautiful images and web page load times. In our tests, high-quality images were reduced in file size by up to 90% without any visible loss in quality.

If you use WordPress an alternative is WP Smush. This plugin will do all the dirty compression work in the background and automatically compress new uploads. The individual file compression is not as good as but the ease of use balances it out.

Paid Alternative: WP Smush Pro


2. Page Speed OptimizationGT Metrix

User experience matters to Google and that, along with quality content, are the driving factors behind great website rankings. Since speed is a ranking factor, optimizing for it should be on your to-do list.

GT Metrix lets you test your site on issues that affect your website load speed. Everything from the order of script requests, to the proper scaling of images, is tested and graded.

Paid Alternative: GT Metrix Pro


3. Content Delivery NetworkCloudflare

Content delivery networks store versions of your site’s content around the world and serve your site’s assets from the server closest to your website’s visitor. Cloudflare provides a CDN, speed optimization. security and DDos protection for free. This service works remarkably well for businesses of all sizes although a traditional CDN like MaxCDN will offer you more control over files.

Paid Alternative: MaxCDN

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4. Good User

Jakub Linowski has assembled a great user interface resource. GoodUI walks you through 72 user interface ideas that can have a significant impact on how users interact with your site and more importantly, how they convert. Jakub takes the time to explain each idea and go over why it is important to your website’s performance.

User experience is not just a designer issue, involving your developer to handle the technical side is just as important. The above tools should help you tackle the technical aspect while keeping your costs at zero!

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